Aspose.Email.PersonalInfo Namespace

The Aspose.Email.PersonalInfo namespace contains classes that represents contact information.
Public classAssociatedPerson
Describes organization which is associated with a person.
Public classAssociatedPersonCategory
Represents category for a persons
Public classAssociatedPersonsList
List of associated persons for a contact
Public classContact
Represents contact information.
Public classContactPhoto
Represents contact photo.
Public classCustomerEvent
Represents an event.
Public classEmailAddress
Represents an email address
Public classEmailAddressCategory
Represents category for an email address
Public classEmailAddressList
List of email addresses for a contact
Public classEventCategory
Represents category for an event
Public classEventList
List of events for a contact
Public classInstantMessengerAddress
Represents an instant messanger address.
Public classInstantMessengerCategory
Represents category for an instant messenger address
Public classInstantMessengerList
List of instant messenger addresses for a contact.
Public classPhoneNumber
Represents a phone number.
Public classPhoneNumberCategory
Represents category for a phone number
Public classPhoneNumberList
List of phone numbers for a contact.
Public classPostalAddress
Represents a postal address.
Public classPostalAddressCategory
Represents category for a postal address
Public classPostalAddressList
List of postal addresses for a contact.
Public classUrl
Objects represents a URL and its category.
Public classUrlCategory
Represents category for a URL
Public classUrlList
List of urls for contact
Public enumerationContactLoadFormat
Enumerates contact load formats
Public enumerationFileAsMapping
Specifies how to generate and recompute the value of the dispidFileAs property when other contact name properties change. Coincides MS-OXPROPS revision 16.2 from 7/31/2014
Public enumerationGender
Enum defines gender of a person
Public enumerationTextFormat
Defines format of a text.