MapiMessageItemBase Properties

The MapiMessageItemBase type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAttachments
Gets the attachments in the message.
Public propertyBilling
Contains the billing information associated with an item.
Public propertyBody
Gets the message text.
Public propertyBodyHtml
Gets the BodyRtf of the message converted to HTML, if present, otherwise an empty string.
Public propertyBodyRtf
Gets or sets the RTF formatted message text.
Public propertyBodyType
Gets the type of the body.
Public propertyCategories
Contains keywords or categories for the message object.
Public propertyCodePage
Gets the code page.
(Inherited from MapiPropertyContainer.)
Public propertyCompanies
Contains the names of the companies that are associated with an item.
Public propertyItemId
The item id, uses with a server
Public propertyMessageClass
Gets a case-sensitive string that identifies the sender-defined message class, such as IPM.Note. The message class specifies the type, purpose, or content of the message.
Public propertyMileage
Contains the mileage information that is associated with an item.
Public propertyNamedProperties
Gets the named properties of message.
Public propertyNamedPropertyMapping
Gets the named property mapping.
Public propertyProperties
Gets the collection of properties.
(Inherited from MapiPropertyContainer.)
Public propertyPropertyStream
Gets the property stream.
Public propertyRecipients
Gets the recipients of the message.
Public propertySensitivity
Gets the Sensitivity.
Public propertySubject
Gets or sets the subject of the message.
Public propertySubjectPrefix
Gets a subject prefix that typically indicates some action on a message, such as "FW: " for forwarding.
Public propertySubStorages
Gets the sub storages.
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