PictureRequest.MaxPictures property

Limits the number of contact photos returned in the server response. The MaxPictures is not supported when the protocol version is 12.1 or 14.0. The server returns the first N results that have contact photos, where N is the value of the MaxPictures. After the MaxPictures limit is reached, the server returns Status value 173 (NoPicture) if the contact has no photo, Status value 174 (PictureTooLarge) if the contact’s photo is too large, or Status value 175 (PictureLimitReached) if the contact has a photo but the MaxPictures limit was reached. Note that the MaxPictures identifies the number of contact photos returned per query. Therefore, if the client includes three recipients to resolve and sets the MaxPictures value to 3 in the ResolveRecipients command request, a maximum of 9 contact photos can be returned.

public int? MaxPictures { get; set; }

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