IActiveSyncTLClientPing Method (Int32, PingParameter)

The Ping command is used to request that the server monitor specified folders for changes that would require the client to resynchronize.

Namespace:  Aspose.Email.Clients.ActiveSync.TransportLayer
Assembly:  Aspose.Email (in Aspose.Email.dll) Version: 21.10
string[] Ping(
	int heartbeatInterval,
	params PingParameter[] pingParameters


Type: SystemInt32
The HeartbeatInterval specifies the length of time, in seconds, that the server SHOULD wait before sending a response if no new items are added to the specified set of folders.
Type: Aspose.Email.Clients.ActiveSync.TransportLayerPingParameter
Ping parameters

Return Value

Type: String
Array of folders where changes has been discovered
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