Aspose.Email.Clients Namespace

The Aspose.Email.Clients namespace provides classes to access messages by using mail protocols.
Public classAsyncCommandResultEventArgs
AsyncCommandResultEventArgs is containing event data.
Public classCommandStatus
Indicates the result of an operation.
Public classEmailClient
Represents the client that creates server connection by using the host credentials.
Public classHttpProxy
HTTP proxy client.
Public classMessageInfoBase
The MessageInfo represents the E-Mail message info fetched from the mail server.
Public classNameValuePair
An extended property.
Public classNetworkException
Thrown if there is a network connection failure.
Public classOAuthNetworkCredential
Represents the NetworkCredential for OAuth authentication.
Public classOAuthToken
Contains OAuth token data such like token value, token type, expiration date.
Public classPageInfo
Contains information about retrieved page when paging methods are used.
Public classPipeliningStatus
Defines pipelining status for mail client.
Public classProxy
Base proxy client.
Public classSocksProxy
SOCKS proxy client. Supported versions of the protocol are SOCKS4 and SOCKS5.
Public classTokenProvider
Class TokenProvider allows to retrieve access token for mail services.
Public classTokenProviderGoogle
Provides an instance of the TokenProvider for Google mail server
Public classTokenProviderOutlook
Provides an instance of the TokenProvider for Outlook mail server
Public interfaceIAsyncResultExt
Represents the extended status of an asynchronous operation.
Public interfaceIAsyncTokenProvider
Defines interface allowing to retrieve access token asynchronously.
Public interfaceICommand
Defines a command.
Public interfaceIConnection
IConnectionAdapter allows to manage connection to a server.
Public interfaceIMultipleServicesTokenProvider
Defines interface allowing to retrieve access token.
Public interfaceITokenProvider
Defines interface allowing to retrieve access token.
Public delegateBindIPEndPointHandler
Use the BindIPEndPointHandler if you need to use a specific local endpoint.
Public enumerationAsyncCommandResults
The result of asynchronous command.
Public enumerationCompressionType
Compression types which are used by mail protocols
Public enumerationConnectionAsgmtType
Defines algorithm of connection allocation in multiple threads environment
Public enumerationConnectionState
Describes the current state of the connection.
Public enumerationHttpAuthenticationMethods
The authentication methods supported by the HTTP proxy
Public enumerationMultiConnectionMode
Enumerate modes which indicates how client has to use multiple connections for heavy loaded operations.
Public enumerationPipeliningMode
Defines how mail client supports the pipelining
Public enumerationSecurityOptions
Security mode for a mail client
Public enumerationSocksAuthenticationMethods
The authentication methods supported by the SOCKS protocol
Public enumerationSocksVersion
Versions of the SOCKS protocol
Public enumerationTokenType
Defines OAuth token types