Aspose.Email.Calendar Namespace

The Aspose.Email.Calendar namespace contains classes for work with calendar.
Public classCode exampleAppointment
Represents a calendar to an e-mail.
Public classAppointmentCollection
Represents a collection of Appointment objects.
Public classAppointmentFormattingOptions
Represents the appointment formatting options.
Public classAppointmentIcsSaveOptions
Represents iCalendar save options
Public classAppointmentLoadOptions
Represents appointment load options
Public classAppointmentMsgSaveOptions
Represents iCalendar save options
Public classAppointmentReminder
Provides a grouping of component properties that define an alarm.
Public classAppointmentReminderCollection
Contains collection of AppointmentReminder AppointmentReminderobjects.
Public classAppointmentSaveOptions
Represents base appointment save options
Public classCalendarReader
Allows read the calendar with multi events to the Appointment object from a file or stream.
Public classCalendarWriter
Allows write the set of Events in one ics file or stream.
Public classIcsSaveOptions Obsolete.
Represents iCalendar save options
Public classReminderAttachment
Provides the capability to associate a document object with an alarm.
Public classReminderAttachmentCollection
Contains collection of ReminderAttachment ReminderAttachmentobjects.
Public classReminderAttendee
Defines an "Attendee" within a alarm.
Public classReminderAttendeeCollection
Contains collection of ReminderAttendee ReminderAttendeeobjects.
Public classReminderDuration
Used to identify properties that contain a duration of time.
Public classReminderTrigger
Specifies when an alarm will trigger.
Public classTask
Represents the exchange task information.
Public classTaskCollection
Represents a collection of Task objects.
Public enumerationAppointmentAction
Enumerates appointments methods
Public enumerationAppointmentClass
Defines the access classification for the appointment.
Public enumerationAppointmentFlags
Enumerates appointment flags.
Public enumerationAppointmentMethodType
Defines the iCalendar object method type associated with the calendar object.
Public enumerationAppointmentSaveFormat
Enumerates AppointmentSaveFormat
Public enumerationAppointmentStatus
Defines the overall status or confirmation for the appointment.
Public enumerationAppointmentTransparency
Specifies whether or not this appointment is intended to be visible in availability searches.
Public enumerationMSBusyStatus
Specifies the BUSY status of an appointment.
Public enumerationMSImportance
Specifies the importance of an appointment.
Public enumerationMSIntendedStatus
Specifies the INTENDED status of an appointment.
Public enumerationReminderAction
Defines the action to be invoked when an alarm is triggered.
Public enumerationReminderRelated
Specify the relationship of the alarm trigger with respect to the start or end of the event.
Public enumerationTIPMethod
Defines the iTIP (iCalendar Transport-Independent Interoperability Protocol) methods associated with an object.