Class OnenoteOperation

  • public class OnenoteOperation
    extends Object

    The status of certain long-running OneNote operations.

    • Constructor Detail

      • OnenoteOperation

        public OnenoteOperation()
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        public final String getId()

        The operation id. Read-only.

      • getLastActionDateTime

        public final DateTimeOffset getLastActionDateTime()

        The time of the last action of the operation.

      • isLastActionDateTimeSpecified

        public final boolean isLastActionDateTimeSpecified()

        Indicates whether LastActionDateTime property is specified.

      • getCreatedDateTime

        public final DateTimeOffset getCreatedDateTime()

        The start time of the operation.

      • isCreatedDateTimeSpecified

        public final boolean isCreatedDateTimeSpecified()

        Indicates whether CreatedDateTime property is specified.

      • getError

        public final String getError()

        The error returned by the operation.

      • getResourceId

        public final String getResourceId()

        The resource id.

      • getResourceLocation

        public final String getResourceLocation()

        The resource URI for the object. For example, the resource URI for a copied page or section.

      • getStatus

        public final String getStatus()

        The current status of the operation: notstarted, running, completed, failed

      • getPercentComplete

        public final String getPercentComplete()

        The operation percent complete if the operation is still in running status