Class EventTypes

  • public final class EventTypes
    extends Enum

    Specifies event type

    • Nested Class Summary

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        Enum.AbstractEnum, Enum.EnumMap, Enum.FlaggedEnum, Enum.ObjectEnum, Enum.SimpleEnum
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field and Description
      static int Copied
      Event arises when item is copied
      static int Created
      Event arises when item is created
      static int Deleted
      Event arises when item is deleted
      static int FreeBusyChanged
      Event arises when FreeBusy state is changed
      static int Modified
      Event arises when item is changed
      static int Moved
      Event arises when item is moved
      static int NewMail
      Event arises when new mail is received
      static int None
      Not defined
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        Clone, CloneTo, format, format, get_Caption, get_Value, getName, getName, getNames, getNames, getUnderlyingType, getUnderlyingType, getValue, getValues, isDefined, isDefined, isDefined, isDefined, parse, parse, parse, parse, register, toObject, toString