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ShapePlaceStyleValue Enumeration

Determines the placement style for children.

Namespace:  Aspose.Diagram
Assembly:  Aspose.Diagram (in Aspose.Diagram.dll) Version: (20.6)
public enum ShapePlaceStyleValue
  Member nameValueDescription
PlaceDefault0 Place default.
PlaceTopToBottom1 Place top to bottom.
PlaceToRight2 Place to right.
PlaceRadial3 Place radial.
PlaceBottomToTop4 Place bottom to top.
PlaceRightToLeft5 Place right to left.
PlaceCircular6 Place circular.
PlaceCompactDownRight7 Place compact down right.
PlaceCompactRightDown8 Place compact right down.
PlaceCompactRightUp9 Place compact right up.
PlaceCompactUpRight10 Place compact up right.
PlaceCompactUpLeft11 Place compact up left.
PlaceCompactLeftUp12 Place compact left up.
PlaceCompactLeftDown13 Place compact left down.
PlaceCompactDownLeft14 Place compact down left.
PlaceParentDefault15 Place parent default.
PlaceHierarchyTopToBottomLeft16 Place hierarchy top to bottom left.
PlaceHierarchyTopToBottomCenter17 Place hierarchy top to bottom center.
PlaceHierarchyTopToBottomRight18 Place hierarchy top to bottom right.
PlaceHierarchyBottomToLeft19 Place hierarchy bottom to left.
PlaceHierarchyBottomToCenter20 Place hierarchy bottom to center.
PlaceHierarchyBottomToRight21 Place hierarchy bottom to right.
PlaceHierarchyLeftToRightTop22 Place hierarchy left to right top.
PlaceHierarchyLeftToRightMiddle23 Place hierarchy left to right middle.
PlaceHierarchyLeftToRightBottom24 place hierarchy left to right bottom.
PlaceHierarchyRightToLeftTop25 Place hierarchy right to left top.
PlaceHierarchyRightToLeftMiddle26 Place hierarchy right to left top.
PlaceHierarchyRightToLeftBottom27 Place hierarchy right to left bottom.
Undefined28 Undefined.
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