Scratch Class

Contains a work area for entering and testing formulas that are referred to by other elements. This element is typically used to isolate repeated complex calculations.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Aspose.Diagram
Assembly:  Aspose.Diagram (in Aspose.Diagram.dll) Version: (20.6)
public class Scratch : ICloneable

The Scratch type exposes the following members.

Public methodScratch
Public propertyA
A general-purpose element.
Public propertyB
A general-purpose scratch element.
Public propertyC
A general-purpose element.
Public propertyD
A general-purpose element.
Public propertyDel
A flag indicating whether the element has been deleted locally. A value of 1 indicates that the element was deleted locally.
Public propertyIX
The zero-based index of the element within its parent element.
Public propertyX
Specifies an x-coordinate on a shape in local coordinates. The following table describes the X element based on the element that contains it.
Public propertyY
Specifies a y-coordinate on a shape in local coordinates. Local coordinates are those whose frame of reference is the shape, instead of the page.
Public methodClone
Creates deep copy of this instance.
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