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DisplayModeValue Enumeration

When it is contained in a Group element, the DisplayMode element specifies how a group shape and its members are displayed. When it is contained in a SmartTagDef element, the DisplayMode element determines whether the smart tag appears when the user pauses the mouse over the tag, when the shape is selected, or all the time.

Namespace:  Aspose.Diagram
Assembly:  Aspose.Diagram (in Aspose.Diagram.dll) Version: (20.11)
public enum DisplayModeValue
  Member nameValueDescription
HidesShapeText0 Hides the group shape and text.
DisplaysShapeBehindMemberShapes1 Displays the group shape behind member shapes.
DisplaysShapeFrontMemberShapes2 Displays the group shape in front of member shapes.
Undefined-2147483648 Undefined.
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