Annotation Class

Contains elements that contain information about comments inserted into a document page.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Aspose.Diagram
Assembly:  Aspose.Diagram (in Aspose.Diagram.dll) Version: (20.6)
public class Annotation

The Annotation type exposes the following members.

Public propertyComment
Contains the comment text in string format for a shape.
Public propertyDate
specifies when a comment was created
Public propertyDel
A flag indicating whether the element has been deleted locally. A value of 1 indicates that the element was deleted locally.
Public propertyEditDate
Specifies when a comment was last changed
Public propertyIX
The zero-based index of the element within its parent element.
Public propertyLangID
Indicates the locale ID (LCID) of the language in which the cell formula, text, custom property, or comment was entered.
Public propertyMarkerIndex
Specifies the index number assigned to a comment marker.
Public propertyReviewerID
Contains the ID number of the reviewer adding markup to the document.
Public propertyShapeID
The shape ID of the comment.
Public propertyX
The x-coordinate of the comment marker in page coordinates.
Public propertyY
The y-coordinate of the comment marker in page coordinates.
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