Aspose::Words::Lists::ListLabel Class Reference

Defines properties specific to a list label. More...

#include "Aspose.Words.Cpp/Model/Lists/ListLabel.h"

Inherits IRunAttrSource.

Public Member Functions

System::SharedPtr< Aspose::Words::Fontget_Font ()
 Gets the list label font. More...
System::String get_LabelString ()
 Gets a string representation of list label. More...
int32_t get_LabelValue ()
 Gets a numeric value for this label. More...
System::SharedPtr< System::ObjectGetDirectRunAttr (int32_t key)
System::SharedPtr< System::ObjectFetchInheritedRunAttr (int32_t key)
void SetRunAttr (int32_t key, System::SharedPtr< System::Object > value)
void RemoveRunAttr (int32_t key)
void ClearRunAttrs ()

Detailed Description

Defines properties specific to a list label.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClearRunAttrs()

void Aspose::Words::Lists::ListLabel::ClearRunAttrs ( )

◆ FetchInheritedRunAttr()

System::SharedPtr<System::Object> Aspose::Words::Lists::ListLabel::FetchInheritedRunAttr ( int32_t  key)

◆ get_Font()

System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Font> Aspose::Words::Lists::ListLabel::get_Font ( )

Gets the list label font.

◆ get_LabelString()

System::String Aspose::Words::Lists::ListLabel::get_LabelString ( )

Gets a string representation of list label.

◆ get_LabelValue()

int32_t Aspose::Words::Lists::ListLabel::get_LabelValue ( )

Gets a numeric value for this label.

Use the Aspose::Words::Document::UpdateListLabels method to update the value of this property.

◆ GetDirectRunAttr()

System::SharedPtr<System::Object> Aspose::Words::Lists::ListLabel::GetDirectRunAttr ( int32_t  key)

◆ RemoveRunAttr()

void Aspose::Words::Lists::ListLabel::RemoveRunAttr ( int32_t  key)

◆ SetRunAttr()

void Aspose::Words::Lists::ListLabel::SetRunAttr ( int32_t  key,
System::SharedPtr< System::Object value