Aspose::Words::Fields::Field Class Reference

Represents a Microsoft Word document field. More...

#include "Aspose.Words.Cpp/Model/Fields/Field.h"

Inherits System::Object.

Inherited by Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldAddIn, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldAddressBlock, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldAdvance, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldAsk, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldAuthor, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldAutoNum, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldAutoNumLgl, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldAutoNumOut, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldAutoText, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldAutoTextList, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldBarcode, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldBibliography, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldBidiOutline, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldCitation, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldComments, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldCompare, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldCreateDate, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldData, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDatabase, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDate, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDde, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDdeAuto, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDocProperty, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDocVariable, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldEditTime, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldEmbed, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldEQ, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldFileName, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldFileSize, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldFillIn, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldFootnoteRef, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldFormCheckBox, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldFormDropDown, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldFormText, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldFormula, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldGlossary, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldGoToButton, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldGreetingLine, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldHyperlink, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldIf, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldImport, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldInclude, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldIncludePicture, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldIncludeText, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldIndex, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldInfo, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldKeywords, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldLastSavedBy, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldLink, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldListNum, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldMacroButton, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldMergeBarcode, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldMergeField, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldMergeRec, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldMergeSeq, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldNext, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldNextIf, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldNoteRef, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldNumChars, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldNumPages, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldNumWords, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldOcx, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldPage, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldPageRef, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldPrint, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldPrintDate, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldPrivate, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldQuote, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldRD, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldRef, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldRevNum, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldSaveDate, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldSection, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldSectionPages, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldSeq, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldSet, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldShape, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldSkipIf, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldStyleRef, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldSubject, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldSymbol, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldTA, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldTC, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldTemplate, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldTime, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldTitle, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldToa, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldToc, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldUnknown, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldUserAddress, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldUserInitials, Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldUserName, and Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldXE.

Public Member Functions

System::SharedPtr< Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldStartget_FieldStart () const
System::SharedPtr< Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldSeparatorget_Separator ()
System::SharedPtr< Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldEndget_FieldEnd () const
virtual Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldType get_Type ()
System::String get_Result ()
void set_Result (System::String value)
System::String get_DisplayResult ()
bool get_IsLocked ()
void set_IsLocked (bool value)
bool get_IsDirty ()
void set_IsDirty (bool value)
System::SharedPtr< Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldFormatget_Format ()
int32_t get_LocaleId ()
void set_LocaleId (int32_t value)
System::String GetFieldCode ()
System::String GetFieldCode (bool includeChildFieldCodes)
System::SharedPtr< Aspose::Words::NodeRemove ()
void Update ()
void Update (bool ignoreMergeFormat)
bool Unlink ()
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 Object ()
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virtual ~Object ()
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 Object (Object const &x)
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Objectoperator= (Object const &x)
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ObjectSharedRefAdded ()
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int RemovedSharedRefs (int count)
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Detail::SmartPtrCounter * WeakRefAdded ()
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void WeakRefRemoved ()
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Detail::SmartPtrCounter * GetCounter ()
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int SharedCount () const
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void Lock ()
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void Unlock ()
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virtual bool Equals (ptr obj)
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virtual int GetHashCode () const
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virtual String ToString () ASPOSE_CONST
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bool ReferenceEquals (String const &str, std::nullptr_t)
bool ReferenceEquals (String const &str1, String const &str2)

Additional Inherited Members

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typedef SmartPtr< Objectptr
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typedef System::Details::SharedMembersType shared_members_type
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static const TypeInfoType ()
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bool Equals (float const &objA, float const &objB)
bool Equals (double const &objA, double const &objB)

Detailed Description

Represents a Microsoft Word document field.

A field in a Word document is a complex structure consisting of multiple nodes that include field start, field code, field separator, field result and field end. Fields can be nested, contain rich content and span multiple paragraphs or sections in a document. The Field class is a "facade" object that provides properties and methods that allow to work with a field as a single object.

The Start, Separator and End properties point to the field start, separator and end nodes of the field respectively.

The content between the field start and separator is the field code. The content between the field separator and field end is the field result. The field code typically consists of one or more Run objects that specify instructions. The processing application is expected to execute the field code to calculate the field result.

The process of calculating field results is called the field update. Aspose.Words can update field results of most of the field types in exactly the same way as Microsoft Word does it. Most notably, Aspose.Words can calculate results of even the most complex formula fields. To calculate the field result of a single field use the Update() method. To update fields in the whole document use Aspose.Words.Document.UpdateFields.

You can get the plain text version of the field code using the GetFieldCode(bool) method. You can get and set the plain text version of the field result using the Result property. Both the field code and field result can contain complex content, such as nested fields, paragraphs, shapes, tables and in this case you might want to work with the field nodes directly if you need more control.

You do not create instances of the Field class directly. To create a new field use the DocumentBuilder.InsertField(string) method.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_DisplayResult()

System::String Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::get_DisplayResult ( )

◆ get_FieldEnd()

System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldEnd> Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::get_FieldEnd ( ) const

◆ get_FieldStart()

System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldStart> Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::get_FieldStart ( ) const

◆ get_Format()

System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldFormat> Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::get_Format ( )

◆ get_IsDirty()

bool Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::get_IsDirty ( )

◆ get_IsLocked()

bool Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::get_IsLocked ( )

◆ get_LocaleId()

int32_t Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::get_LocaleId ( )

◆ get_Result()

System::String Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::get_Result ( )

◆ get_Separator()

System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldSeparator> Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::get_Separator ( )

◆ get_Type()

virtual Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldType Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::get_Type ( )

◆ GetFieldCode() [1/2]

System::String Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::GetFieldCode ( )

◆ GetFieldCode() [2/2]

System::String Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::GetFieldCode ( bool  includeChildFieldCodes)

◆ Remove()

System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Node> Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::Remove ( )

◆ set_IsDirty()

void Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::set_IsDirty ( bool  value)

◆ set_IsLocked()

void Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::set_IsLocked ( bool  value)

◆ set_LocaleId()

void Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::set_LocaleId ( int32_t  value)

◆ set_Result()

void Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::set_Result ( System::String  value)

◆ Unlink()

bool Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::Unlink ( )

◆ Update() [1/2]

void Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::Update ( )

◆ Update() [2/2]

void Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::Update ( bool  ignoreMergeFormat)