System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable< T > Class Template Referenceabstract

Inherits System::Object.

Inherited by System::Collections::Generic::ICollection< T > [virtual], System::Collections::Generic::Queue< T >, System::Collections::Generic::Stack< T >, System::Xml::XmlAttributeCollection, and System::Xml::XmlNodeList.

Public Types

typedef IEnumerator< T > IEnumeratorType
 Enumerator type. More...
- Public Types inherited from System::Object
typedef SmartPtr< Objectptr
 Alias for smart pointer type. More...
typedef System::Details::SharedMembersType shared_members_type
 structure to keep list of shared pointers contained in object. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual SharedPtr< IEnumerator< T > > GetEnumerator ()=0
LINQ_ElementAt (int index)
LINQ_First ()
System::SharedPtr< Collections::Generic::List< T > > LINQ_ToList ()
int LINQ_Count ()
System::ArrayPtr< T > LINQ_ToArray ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from System::Object
 Creates object. Initializes all internal data structures. More...
virtual ASPOSECPP_SHARED_API ~Object ()
 Destroys object. Frees all internal data structures. More...
ASPOSECPP_SHARED_API Object (Object const &x)
 Copy constructor. Doesn't copy anything, really, just initializes new object and enables copy constructing subclasses. More...
Objectoperator= (Object const &x)
 Assignment operator. Doesn't copy anything, really, just initializes new object and enables copy constructing subclasses. More...
ObjectSharedRefAdded ()
 Increments shared reference count. Shouldn't be called directly; instead, use smart pointers or ThisProtector. More...
int SharedRefRemovedSafe ()
 Decrements and returns shared reference count. Shouldn't be called directly; instead, use smart pointers or ThisProtector. More...
int RemovedSharedRefs (int count)
 Decreases shared reference count by specified value. More...
Detail::SmartPtrCounter * WeakRefAdded ()
 Increments weak reference count. Shouldn't be called directly; instead, use smart pointers or ThisProtector. More...
void WeakRefRemoved ()
 Decrements weak reference count. Shouldn't be called directly; instead, use smart pointers or ThisProtector. More...
Detail::SmartPtrCounter * GetCounter ()
 Gets reference counter data structure associated with the object. More...
int SharedCount () const
 Gets current value of shared refernce counter. More...
 Implements C# lock() statement locking. Call directly or use LockContext sentry object. More...
 Implements C# lock() statement unlocking. Call directly or use LockContext sentry object. More...
virtual ASPOSECPP_SHARED_API bool Equals (ptr obj)
 Compares objects using C# Object.Equals semantics. More...
virtual ASPOSECPP_SHARED_API int GetHashCode () const
 Analog of C# Object.GetHashCode() method. Enables hashing of custom objects. More...
 Analog of C# Object.ToString() method. Enables converting custom objects to string. More...
virtual ASPOSECPP_SHARED_API ptr MemberwiseClone () const
 Analog of C# Object.MemberwiseClone() method. Enables cloning custom types. More...
virtual ASPOSECPP_SHARED_API const TypeInfoGetType () const
 Gets actual type of object. Analog of C# System.Object.GetType() call. More...
virtual ASPOSECPP_SHARED_API bool Is (const TypeInfo &targetType) const
 Check if object represents an instance of type described by targetType. Analog of C# 'is' operator. More...
virtual ASPOSECPP_SHARED_API void SetTemplateWeakPtr (unsigned int argument)
 Set n'th template argument a weak pointer (rather than shared). Allows switching pointers in containers to weak mode. More...
bool Equals (float const &objA, float const &objB)
bool Equals (double const &objA, double const &objB)
bool ReferenceEquals (String const &str, std::nullptr_t)
bool ReferenceEquals (String const &str1, String const &str2)

Protected Member Functions

 ~IEnumerable () override
 Destructor. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from System::Object
static bool ReferenceEquals (ptr const &objA, ptr const &objB)
 Compares objects by reference. More...
template<typename T >
static std::enable_if<!IsSmartPtr< T >::value, bool >::type ReferenceEquals (T const &objA, T const &objB)
 Compares objects by reference. More...
template<typename T >
static std::enable_if<!IsSmartPtr< T >::value, bool >::type ReferenceEquals (T const &objA, std::nullptr_t)
 Reference-compares value type object with nullptr. More...
template<typename T1 , typename T2 >
static std::enable_if< IsSmartPtr< T1 >::value &&IsSmartPtr< T2 >::value, bool >::type Equals (T1 const &objA, T2 const &objB)
 Compares reference type objects in C# style. More...
template<typename T1 , typename T2 >
static std::enable_if<!IsSmartPtr< T1 >::value &&!IsSmartPtr< T2 >::value, bool >::type Equals (T1 const &objA, T2 const &objB)
 Compares value type objects in C# style. More...
static const TypeInfoType ()
 Impleemnts C# typeof(System.Object) construct. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable< T >

Interface of object providing enumerator on contained elements.

Template Parameters
TElement type.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ IEnumeratorType

Enumerator type.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IEnumerable()

template<typename T>
System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable< T >::~IEnumerable ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ GetEnumerator()

template<typename T>
virtual SharedPtr<IEnumerator<T> > System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable< T >::GetEnumerator ( )
pure virtual

Gets enumerator.

Pointer to newly created enumerator object which can be used to iterate through interfaced object.

Implemented in System::Net::Http::Headers::HttpHeaderValueCollection< System::String >, System::Collections::Generic::SortedList< TKey, TValue >, Aspose::Pdf::Forms::Form, System::Array< T >, System::Collections::Generic::ArrayList< T >, System::Collections::Generic::ArrayList< MatchPtr >, Aspose::Pdf::Forms::Field, Aspose::Pdf::XImageCollection, Aspose::Pdf::Facades::PdfXmpMetadata, System::Collections::Generic::LinkedList< T >, Aspose::Pdf::PageCollection, Aspose::Pdf::Annotations::AppearanceDictionary, Aspose::Pdf::OutlineItemCollection, Aspose::Pdf::Text::TableElementCollection< T >, Aspose::Pdf::Annotations::AnnotationCollection, Aspose::Pdf::OperatorCollection, Aspose::Pdf::Text::FontCollection, System::Collections::Generic::List< T >, System::Collections::Generic::List< SharedPtr< X509Extension > >, System::Collections::Generic::List< CapturePtr >, System::Collections::Generic::List< System::SharedPtr< Aspose::Pdf::Facades::Bookmark > >, System::Collections::Generic::List< GroupPtr >, System::Collections::Generic::List< SharedPtr< X509Certificate > >, System::Collections::Generic::List< System::SharedPtr< Aspose::Pdf::Annotations::AnnotationCollection::AnnotationHandler > >, System::Collections::Generic::List< SharedPtr< X509Certificate2 > >, System::Collections::Generic::List< System::SharedPtr< SoapHeader > >, System::Net::Http::Headers::HttpHeaderValueCollection< T >, System::Collections::Generic::Dictionary< TKey, TValue >, System::Collections::Generic::Dictionary< String, String >, System::Collections::Generic::Dictionary< System::String, System::String >, System::Collections::BitArray, Aspose::Pdf::Text::TextSegmentCollection, System::Collections::Generic::SortedDictionary< TKey, TValue >, Aspose::Pdf::OutlineCollection, Aspose::Pdf::Metadata, Aspose::Pdf::DestinationCollection, Aspose::Pdf::Text::CharInfoCollection, Aspose::Pdf::XFormCollection, System::Collections::ObjectModel::Collection< T >, System::Collections::ObjectModel::Collection< TItem >, Aspose::Pdf::EmbeddedFileCollection, Aspose::Pdf::Annotations::ActionCollection, Aspose::Pdf::ArtifactCollection, Aspose::Pdf::Forms::OptionCollection, System::Collections::Generic::HashSet< T >, Aspose::Pdf::Text::TextFragmentCollection, Aspose::Pdf::Text::TextParagraphCollection, System::Collections::Generic::Queue< T >, System::Collections::Generic::Stack< T >, System::Net::Http::Headers::HttpHeaders, Aspose::Pdf::Annotations::PdfActionCollection, Aspose::Pdf::Text::FontSubstitutionCollection, Aspose::Pdf::Paragraphs, Aspose::Pdf::ImagePlacementCollection, Aspose::Pdf::Text::FontSourceCollection, Aspose::Pdf::LogicalStructure::ElementListImplementation, Aspose::Pdf::Cells, System::Collections::Generic::_ValueCollection< Dict >, System::Windows::Forms::Control::ControlCollection, System::Collections::Generic::BaseDictionary< map_t >, System::Collections::Generic::BaseDictionary< Detail::FlatMap< TKey, TValue, ComparerAdapter< TKey > > >, System::Collections::Generic::BaseDictionary< std::unordered_map< System::String, System::String, EqualityComparerHashAdapter< System::String >, EqualityComparerAdapter< System::String >, ASPOSE_MAP_ALLOCATOR_TYPE(System::String, System::String)> >, System::Collections::Generic::BaseDictionary< std::unordered_map< TKey, TValue, EqualityComparerHashAdapter< TKey >, EqualityComparerAdapter< TKey >, ASPOSE_MAP_ALLOCATOR_TYPE(TKey, TValue)> >, System::Collections::Generic::BaseDictionary< std::unordered_map< String, String, EqualityComparerHashAdapter< String >, EqualityComparerAdapter< String >, ASPOSE_MAP_ALLOCATOR_TYPE(String, String)> >, System::Collections::Generic::BaseDictionary< std::map< TKey, TValue, ComparerAdapter< BasePointerType< TKey >::type >, ASPOSE_MAP_ALLOCATOR_TYPE(TKey, TValue)> >, Aspose::Pdf::Rows, Aspose::Pdf::BaseOperatorCollection, Aspose::Pdf::Outlines, System::Xml::XmlAttributeCollection, Aspose::Pdf::LogicalStructure::ElementList, System::Collections::ObjectModel::ReadOnlyCollection< T >, System::Net::CookieCollection, System::Collections::Specialized::NameValueCollection, System::Collections::Specialized::StringCollection, System::Collections::Generic::_KeyCollection< Dict >, System::Xml::XPath::XPathNodeIterator, System::Xml::XmlNodeList, System::Collections::Generic::IKVCollection< T >, System::Collections::Generic::IKVCollection< Dict::map_t::mapped_type >, System::Collections::Generic::IKVCollection< Dict::map_t::key_type >, and System::Collections::Generic::IKVCollection< KV >.

◆ LINQ_Count()

template<typename T >
int System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable< T >::LINQ_Count ( )

Returns the number of elements in the sequence (calculated via direct counting).

Number of elements in the sequence.

◆ LINQ_ElementAt()

template<typename T >
T System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable< T >::LINQ_ElementAt ( int  index)

Returns the element at a specified index in a sequence.

indexIndex to get element at.
Element at specified index or default-constructed value if not found.

◆ LINQ_First()

template<typename T >
T System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable< T >::LINQ_First ( )

Returns the first element of a sequence.

First element in the sequence or default-constructed value if the sequence is empty.

◆ LINQ_ToArray()

template<typename T >
System::ArrayPtr< T > System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable< T >::LINQ_ToArray ( )

Creates an array from a sequence.

Array that contains all elements of current sequence.

◆ LINQ_ToList()

template<typename T >
System::SharedPtr< Collections::Generic::List< T > > System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable< T >::LINQ_ToList ( )

Creates a List<T> from a sequence.

The list containing all elements of specified sequence.