Aspose::Cells::License Class Reference

Inherits Object.

Public Member Functions

 License ()
void SetLicense (intrusive_ptr< Aspose::Cells::System::String > licenseName)
 Set a valid license. More...
void SetLicense (intrusive_ptr< Aspose::Cells::System::IO::Stream > stream)
 Set a valid license by file stream. More...
virtual ~License ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ License()

Aspose::Cells::License::License ( )

◆ ~License()

virtual Aspose::Cells::License::~License ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetLicense() [1/2]

void Aspose::Cells::License::SetLicense ( intrusive_ptr< Aspose::Cells::System::String >  licenseName)

Set a valid license.

//Instantiating a license object
intrusive_ptr<License> license = new License();
//set the path and name of license file
intrusive_ptr<String> licenseName = new String("MyLicense.lic");
//Set a license by license file name

◆ SetLicense() [2/2]

void Aspose::Cells::License::SetLicense ( intrusive_ptr< Aspose::Cells::System::IO::Stream >  stream)

Set a valid license by file stream.