Workbook Properties

The Workbook type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAbsolutePath
Gets and sets the absolute path of the file.
Public propertyCode exampleBuiltInDocumentProperties
Returns a DocumentProperties collection that represents all the built-in document properties of the spreadsheet.
Public propertyColors
Returns colors in the palette for the spreadsheet.
Public propertyContentTypeProperties
Gets the list of ContentTypeProperty objects in the workbook.
Public propertyCountOfStylesInPool
Gets number of the styles in the style pool.
Public propertyCode exampleCustomDocumentProperties
Returns a DocumentProperties collection that represents all the custom document properties of the spreadsheet.
Public propertyCustomXmlParts
Represents a Custom XML Data Storage Part (custom XML data within a package).
Public propertyDataConnections
Gets the ExternalConnection collection.
Public propertyDataMashup
Gets mashup data.
Public propertyDataSorter
Gets a DataSorter object to sort data.
Public propertyCode exampleDefaultStyle
Gets or sets the default Style object of the workbook.
Public propertyFileFormat
Gets and sets the file format.
Public propertyFileName
Gets and sets the current file name.
Public propertyHasMacro
Indicates if this spreadsheet contains macro/VBA.
Public propertyHasRevisions
Gets if the workbook has any tracked changes
Public propertyInterruptMonitor
Gets and sets the interrupt monitor.
Public propertyIsDigitallySigned
Indicates if this spreadsheet is digitally signed.
Public propertyIsLicensed
Indicates whether license is set.
Public propertyIsWorkbookProtectedWithPassword
Indicates whether structure or window is protected with password.
Public propertyRibbonXml
Gets and sets the XML file that defines the Ribbon UI.
Public propertySettings
Represents the workbook settings.
Public propertyTheme
Gets the theme name.
Public propertyVbaProject
Gets the VbaProject in a spreadsheet.
Public propertyWorksheets
Gets the WorksheetCollection collection in the spreadsheet.
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