RevisionCellComment Class

Represents a revision record of a cell comment change.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Aspose.Cells.Revisions
Assembly:  Aspose.Cells (in Aspose.Cells.dll) Version: (21.11)
public class RevisionCellComment : Revision

The RevisionCellComment type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActionType
Gets the action type of the revision.
Public propertyCellName
Gets the name of the cell.
Public propertyColumn
Gets the column index of the which contains a comment.
Public propertyId
Gets the number of this revision.
(Inherited from Revision.)
Public propertyIsOldComment
Indicates whether it's an old comment.
Public propertyNewLength
Gets Length of the comment before this revision was made.
Public propertyOldLength
Gets Length of the comment text added in this revision.
Public propertyRow
Gets the row index of the which contains a comment.
Public propertyType
Gets the type of revision.
(Overrides RevisionType.)
Public propertyWorksheet
Gets the worksheet.
(Inherited from Revision.)
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