ConnectionParameter Properties

The ConnectionParameter type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCellReference
Cell reference indicating which cell's value to use for the query parameter. Used only when parameterType is cell.
Public propertyName
The name of the parameter.
Public propertyPrompt
Prompt string for the parameter. Presented to the spreadsheet user along with input UI to collect the parameter value before refreshing the external data. Used only when parameterType = prompt.
Public propertyRefreshOnChange
Flag indicating whether the query should automatically refresh when the contents of a cell that provides the parameter value changes. If true, then external data is refreshed using the new parameter value every time there's a change. If false, then external data is only refreshed when requested by the user, or some other event triggers refresh (e.g., workbook opened).
Public propertySqlType
SQL data type of the parameter. Only valid for ODBC sources.
Public propertyType
Type of parameter used. If the parameterType=value, then the value from boolean, double, integer, or string will be used. In this case, it is expected that only one of {boolean, double, integer, or string} will be specified.
Public propertyValue
Non-integer numeric value,Integer value,String value or Boolean value to use as the query parameter. Used only when parameterType is value.
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