MsoTextFrame Class

Represents the text frame in a Shape object.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Aspose.Cells.Drawing
Assembly:  Aspose.Cells (in Aspose.Cells.dll) Version: (21.6)
public class MsoTextFrame

The MsoTextFrame type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAutoSize
Indicates if size of shape is adjusted automatically according to its content.
Public propertyBottomMarginPt
Returns the bottom margin in unit of Points
Public propertyIsAutoMargin
Indicates whether the margin is auto calculated.
Public propertyLeftMarginPt
Returns the left margin in unit of Points
Public propertyRightMarginPt
Returns the right margin in unit of Points
Public propertyRotateTextWithShape
Indicates whether rotating text with shape.
Public propertyTopMarginPt
Returns the top margin in unit of Points
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