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LightRigType Enumeration

Represents a preset light right that can be applied to a shape

Namespace:  Aspose.Cells.Drawing
Assembly:  Aspose.Cells (in Aspose.Cells.dll) Version: (21.5)
public enum LightRigType
  Member nameValueDescription
Balanced0 Balanced
BrightRoom1 Bright room
Chilly2 Chilly
Contrasting3 Contrasting
Flat4 Flat
Flood5 Flood
Freezing6 Freezing
Glow7 Glow
Harsh8 Harsh
LegacyFlat19 LegacyFlat1
LegacyFlat210 LegacyFlat2
LegacyFlat311 LegacyFlat3
LegacyFlat412 LegacyFlat4
LegacyHarsh113 LegacyHarsh1
LegacyHarsh214 LegacyHarsh2
LegacyHarsh315 LegacyHarsh3
LegacyHarsh416 LegacyHarsh4
LegacyNormal117 LegacyNormal1
LegacyNormal218 LegacyNormal2
LegacyNormal319 LegacyNormal3
LegacyNormal420 LegacyNormal4
Morning21 Morning
Soft22 Soft
Sunrise23 Sunrise
Sunset24 Sunset
ThreePoint25 Three point
TwoPoint26 Two point
None27 No light rig.
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