Aspose.Cells.Drawing.ActiveXControls Namespace

Contains all classes of ActiveXControl.
Public classActiveXControl
Represents the ActiveX control.
Public classActiveXControlBase
Represents the ActiveX control.
Public classCheckBoxActiveXControl
Represents a CheckBox ActiveX control.
Public classComboBoxActiveXControl
Represents a ComboBox ActiveX control.
Public classCommandButtonActiveXControl
Represents a command button.
Public classImageActiveXControl
Represents the image control.
Public classLabelActiveXControl
Represents the label ActiveX control.
Public classListBoxActiveXControl
Represents a ListBox ActiveX control.
Public classRadioButtonActiveXControl
Represents a RadioButton ActiveX control.
Public classScrollBarActiveXControl
Represents the ScrollBar control.
Public classSpinButtonActiveXControl
Represents the SpinButton control.
Public classTextBoxActiveXControl
Represents a text box ActiveX control.
Public classToggleButtonActiveXControl
Represents a ToggleButton ActiveX control.
Public classUnknownControl
Unknow control.
Public enumerationActiveXPersistenceType
Represents the persistence method to persist an ActiveX control.
Public enumerationControlBorderType
Represents the border type of the ActiveX control.
Public enumerationControlCaptionAlignmentType
Represents the position of the Caption relative to the control.
Public enumerationControlListStyle
Represents the visual appearance of the list in a ListBox or ComboBox.
Public enumerationControlMatchEntryType
Represents how a ListBox or ComboBox searches its list as the user types.
Public enumerationControlMousePointerType
Represents the type of icon displayed as the mouse pointer for the control.
Public enumerationControlPictureAlignmentType
Represents the alignment of the picture inside the Form or Image.
Public enumerationControlPicturePositionType
Represents the location of the control's picture relative to its caption.
Public enumerationControlPictureSizeMode
Represents how to display the picture.
Public enumerationControlScrollBarType
Represents the type of scroll bar.
Public enumerationControlScrollOrientation
Represents type of scroll orientation
Public enumerationControlSpecialEffectType
Represents the type of special effect.
Public enumerationControlType
Represents all type of ActiveX control.
Public enumerationDropButtonStyle
Represents the symbol displayed on the drop button.
Public enumerationInputMethodEditorMode
Represents the default run-time mode of the Input Method Editor.
Public enumerationShowDropButtonType
Specifies when to show the drop button