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Aspose.Cells.Drawing Namespace

Contains all classes of shapes and fill format.
Public classCode exampleArcShape
Represents the arc shape.
Public classCode exampleArea
Encapsulates the object that represents an area format.
Public classAutomaticFill
represents automatic fill.
Public classBevel
Represents a bevel of a shape
Public classCode exampleButton
Represents the Forms control: Button
Public classCellsDrawing
Represents the auto shape and drawing object.
Public classCode exampleChartShape
Represents the shape of the chart. Properties and methods for the ChartObject object control the appearance and size of the embedded chart on the worksheet.
Public classCode exampleCheckBox
Represents a check box object in a worksheet.
Public classCode exampleCheckBoxCollection
Represents a collection of CheckBox objects in a worksheet.
Public classColorHelper
Provides helper functions about color.
Public classCode exampleComboBox
Represents the control form ComboBox.
Public classCommentShape
Represents the shape of the comment.
Public classCustomGeometry
Represents a custom geometric shape.
Public classCustomXmlShape
Represents Custom xml shape ,such as Ink.
Public classDialogBox
Represents the dialog box.
Public classFill
Represents the fill format of the shape.
Public classCode exampleFillFormat
Encapsulates the object that represents fill formatting for a shape.
Public classFormat3D
This class specifies the 3D shape properties for a chart element or shape.
Public classGeometry
Represents a geometric shape.
Public classGlowEffect
This class specifies a glow effect, in which a color blurred outline is added outside the edges of the object.
Public classGradientFill
Represents the gradient fill.
Public classGradientStop
Represents the gradient stop.
Public classGradientStopCollection
Represents the gradient stop collection.
Public classCode exampleGroupBox
Encapsulates the object that represents a groupbox in a spreadsheet.
Public classGroupFill
Represents this fill format should inherit the fill properties of the group.
Public classCode exampleGroupShape
Represents the group shape which contains the individual shapes.
Public classCode exampleLabel
Encapsulates the object that represents a label in a spreadsheet.
Public classCode exampleLine
Encapsulates the object that represents the line format.
Public classLineFormat
Represents all setting of the line.
Public classCode exampleLineShape
Represents the line shape.
Public classCode exampleListBox
Represents a list box object.
Public classMsoFillFormat
Represents fill formatting for a shape.
Public classMsoFillFormatHelper
Represents fill formatting for a shape.
Public classMsoFormatPicture
Represents the picture format.
Public classMsoLineFormat
Represents line and arrowhead formatting.
Public classMsoLineFormatHelper
Represents line and arrowhead formatting.
Public classMsoTextFrame
Represents the text frame in a Shape object.
Public classNoneFill
Represents no fill.
Public classCode exampleOleObject
Represents an OleObject in a worksheet.
Public classOleObjectCollection
Represents embedded OLE objects.
Public classOval
Represents the oval shape.
Public classPatternFill
Encapsulates the object that represents pattern fill format
Public classPicFormatOption
Represents picture format option
Public classCode examplePicture
Encapsulates the object that represents a single picture in a spreadsheet.
Public classPictureCollection
Encapsulates a collection of Picture objects.
Public classRadioButton
Represents a radio button.
Public classRectangleShape
Represents the rectangle shape.
Public classReflectionEffect
This class specifies a reflection effect.
Public classScrollBar
Represents a scroll bar object.
Public classShadowEffect
This class specifies the shadow effect of the chart element or shape.
Public classShape
Represents the msodrawing object.
Public classShapeCollection
Represents all the shape in a worksheet/chart.
Public classShapeFormat Obsolete.
Public classShapeGuide
Encapsulates a shape guide specifies the presence of a shape guide that will be used to govern the geometry of the specified shape
Public classShapeGuideCollection
Encapsulates a collection of shape guide
Public classShapePath
Represents a creation path consisting of a series of moves, lines and curves that when combined will form a geometric shape.
Public classShapePathCollection
Represents path collection information in NotPrimitive autoshape
Public classShapePathPoint
Represents an x-y coordinate within the path coordinate space.
Public classShapePathPointCollection
Represents all shape path points.
Public classShapePropertyCollection
This class specifies the visual shape properties for a chart element or shape.
Public classShapeSegmentPath
Represents a segment path in a path of the freeform.
Public classShapeSegmentPathCollection
Represents a creation path consisting of a series of moves, lines and curves that when combined will form a geometric shape.
Public classSignatureLine
Represent the signature line.
Public classSmartArtShape
Represents the smart art.
Public classSolidFill
Encapsulates the object that represents solid fill format
Public classSpinner
Represents the Forms control: Spinner.
Public classCode exampleTextBox
Encapsulates the object that represents a textbox in a spreadsheet.
Public classTextBoxCollection
Encapsulates a collection of TextBox objects.
Public classCode exampleTextEffectFormat
Contains properties and methods that apply to WordArt objects.
Public classTextureFill
Encapsulates the object that represents texture fill format
Public classThreeDFormat
Represents a shape's three-dimensional formatting.
Public classTilePicOption
Represents tile picture as texture.
Public classWebExtensionShape
Represents the shape of web extension.
Public enumerationAutoShapeType
Represents all built-in auto shape type.
Public enumerationBevelPresetType
Represents a preset for a type of bevel which can be applied to a shape in 3D.
Public enumerationBevelType
Represents a preset for a type of bevel which can be applied to a shape in 3D.
Public enumerationCheckValueType
Represents the check value type of the check box.
Public enumerationDataLabelShapeType
Specifies the preset shape geometry that is to be used for a chart.
Public enumerationFillPattern
Enumerates shape fill pattern types.
Public enumerationFillPictureType
Represents the picture fill type.
Public enumerationFillType
Fill format type.
Public enumerationFormatSetType
Fill format set type.
Public enumerationGradientColorType
Represents the gradient color type for the specified fill.
Public enumerationGradientDirectionType
Represents all direction type of gradient.
Public enumerationGradientFillType
Represents all Gradient fill type.
Public enumerationGradientPresetType
Represents gradient preset color type.
Public enumerationGradientStyleType
Represents gradient shading style.
Public enumerationImageType
Specifies the type (format) of an image.
Public enumerationLightRigDirectionType
Represents the light rig direction type.
Public enumerationLightRigType
Represents a preset light right that can be applied to a shape
Public enumerationLineCapType
Represents the caps of a line
Public enumerationLineJoinType
Represents the join styles of a line.
Public enumerationLineType
Enumerates the type of Picture border or Chart line.
Public enumerationMirrorType
Represents mirror type of texture fill
Public enumerationMsoArrowheadLength
Enumerates the line end width of the shape border line.
Public enumerationMsoArrowheadStyle
Enumerates the line end type of the shape border line.
Public enumerationMsoArrowheadWidth
Enumerates the line end width of the shape border line.
Public enumerationMsoDrawingType
Represents office drawing objects type.
Public enumerationMsoLineDashStyle
Represents style of dash drawing lines.
Public enumerationMsoLineStyle
Represents style of drawing lines.
Public enumerationMsoPresetTextEffect
Represents preset text effect type of WordArt.
Public enumerationMsoPresetTextEffectShape
Represents preset text effect shape type of WordArt.
Public enumerationPlacementType
Represents the way the drawing object is attached to the cells below it.
Public enumerationPresetCameraType
Represent different algorithmic methods for setting all camera properties, including position.
Public enumerationPresetMaterialType
Describes surface appearance of a shape.
Public enumerationPresetShadowType
Represents preset shadow type.
Public enumerationPresetWordArtStyle
Represents the preset WordArt styles.
Public enumerationRectangleAlignmentType
Represents how to position two rectangles relative to each other.
Public enumerationReflectionEffectType
Public enumerationSelectionType
The selection type of list box.
Public enumerationShapeAnchorType
Represents the anchor type.
Public enumerationShapeLockType
Represents type of the property to be locked.
Public enumerationShapePathType
Represents path segment type.
Public enumerationTextOverflowType
Represents the way the text vertical or horizontal overflow.
Public enumerationTextureType
Represents the preset texture type.
Public enumerationWeightType
Enumerates the weight types for a picture border or a chart line.