SeriesLayoutProperties Properties

The SeriesLayoutProperties type exposes the following members.

Public propertyMapChartProjectionType
Gets and sets the projection type of the map.
Public propertyMapChartRegionType
Gets and sets the region type of the map.
Public propertyMapLabelLayout
Gets and sets the layout of map labels.
Public propertyQuartileCalculation
Represents the statistical properties for the series.
Public propertyShowConnectorLines
Indicates whether showing connector lines between data points.
Public propertyShowInnerPoints
Indicates whether showing non-outlier data points.
Public propertyShowMeanLine
Indicates whether showing the line connecting all mean points.
Public propertyShowMeanMarker
Indicates whether showing markers denoting the mean.
Public propertyShowOutlierPoints
Indicates whether showing outlier data points.
Public propertySubtotals
Represents the index of a subtotal data point.
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