Floor Properties

The Floor type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBackgroundColor
Gets or sets the background Color of the Area.
(Inherited from Area.)
Public propertyBorder
Gets or sets the border Line.
Public propertyFillFormat
Represents a object that contains fill formatting properties for the specified chart or shape.
(Inherited from Area.)
Public propertyForegroundColor
Gets or sets the foreground Color.
(Inherited from Area.)
Public propertyFormatting
Represents the formatting of the area.
(Inherited from Area.)
Public propertyCode exampleInvertIfNegative
If the property is true and the value of chart point is a negative number, the foreground color and background color will be exchanged.
(Inherited from Area.)
Public propertyTransparency
Returns or sets the degree of transparency of the area as a value from 0.0 (opaque) through 1.0 (clear).
(Inherited from Area.)
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