Chart Properties

The Chart type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActualChartSize
Gets actual size of chart
Public propertyAutoScaling
True if Microsoft Excel scales a 3-D chart so that it's closer in size to the equivalent 2-D chart. The RightAngleAxes property must be True.
Public propertyBackWall
Returns a Walls object that represents the back wall of a 3-D chart.
Public propertyCategoryAxis
Gets the chart's X axis.
Public propertyChartArea
Gets the chart area in the worksheet
Public propertyChartDataTable
Represents the chart data table.
Public propertyChartObject
Represents the chartShape;
Public propertyDepthPercent
Represents the depth of a 3-D chart as a percentage of the chart width (between 20 and 2000 percent).
Public propertyDisplayNaAsBlank
Indicates whether displaying #N/A as blank value.
Public propertyElevation
Represents the elevation of the 3-D chart view, in degrees.
Public propertyFirstSliceAngle
Gets or sets the angle of the first pie-chart or doughnut-chart slice, in degrees (clockwise from vertical). Applies only to pie, 3-D pie, and doughnut charts, 0 to 360.
Public propertyFloor
Returns a Floor object that represents the walls of a 3-D chart.
Public propertyGapDepth
Gets or sets the distance between the data series in a 3-D chart, as a percentage of the marker width. The value of this property must be between 0 and 500.
Public propertyGapWidth
Returns or sets the space between bar or column clusters, as a percentage of the bar or column width. The value of this property must be between 0 and 500.
Public propertyHeightPercent
Returns or sets the height of a 3-D chart as a percentage of the chart width (between 5 and 500 percent).
Public propertyHidePivotFieldButtons
Indicates whether hide the pivot chart field buttons only when the chart is PivotChart
Public propertyIs3D
Indicates whether the chart is a 3d chart.
Public propertyIsRectangularCornered
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the chart area is rectangular cornered. Default is true.
Public propertyLegend
Gets the chart legend.
Public propertyLine
Gets the line.
Public propertyName
Gets and sets the name of the chart.
Public propertyNSeries
Gets a SeriesCollection collection representing the data series in the chart.
Public propertyPageSetup
Represents the page setup description in this chart.
Public propertyPerspective
Returns or sets the perspective for the 3-D chart view. Must be between 0 and 100. This property is ignored if the RightAngleAxes property is True.
Public propertyPivotOptions
Specifies the pivot controls that appear on the chart
Public propertyPivotSource
The source is the data of the pivotTable. If PivotSource is not empty ,the chart is PivotChart.
Public propertyPlacement
Represents the way the chart is attached to the cells below it.
Public propertyPlotArea
Gets the chart's plot area which includes axis tick labels.
Public propertyPlotBy
Gets and sets whether plot by row or column.
Public propertyPlotEmptyCellsType
Gets and sets how to plot the empty cells.
Public propertyPlotVisibleCells
Indicates whether only plot visible cells.
Public propertyPrintSize
Gets and sets the printed chart size.
Public propertyRightAngleAxes
True if the chart axes are at right angles.Applies only for 3-D charts(except Column3D and 3-D Pie Charts).
Public propertyRotationAngle
Represents the rotation of the 3-D chart view (the rotation of the plot area around the z-axis, in degrees).
Public propertySecondCategoryAxis
Gets the chart's second X axis.
Public propertySecondValueAxis
Gets the chart's second Y axis.
Public propertySeriesAxis
Gets the chart's series axis.
Public propertyShapes
Returns all drawing shapes in this chart.
Public propertyShowDataTable
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the chart displays a data table.
Public propertyShowLegend
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the chart legend will be displayed. Default is true.
Public propertySideWall
Returns a Walls object that represents the side wall of a 3-D chart.
Public propertySizeWithWindow
True if Microsoft Excel resizes the chart to match the size of the chart sheet window.
Public propertyStyle
Gets and sets the builtin style.
Public propertySubTitle
Gets the chart's sub-title. Only for ODS format file.
Public propertyTitle
Gets the chart's title.
Public propertyType
Gets or sets a chart's type.
Public propertyValueAxis
Gets the chart's Y axis.
Public propertyWalls
Returns a Walls object that represents the walls of a 3-D chart.
Public propertyWallsAndGridlines2D
True if gridlines are drawn two-dimensionally on a 3-D chart.
Public propertyWorksheet
Gets the worksheet which contains this chart.
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