ImageOptionsBase Class

The image base options.
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Namespace:  Aspose.CAD
Assembly:  Aspose.CAD (in Aspose.CAD.dll) Version: 21.3
public abstract class ImageOptionsBase

The ImageOptionsBase type exposes the following members.

Protected methodImageOptionsBase
Initializes a new instance of the ImageOptionsBase class.
Protected methodImageOptionsBase(Image)
Initializes a new instance of the ImageOptionsBase class.
Protected methodImageOptionsBase(ImageOptionsBase)
Initializes a new instance of the ImageOptionsBase class.
Public propertyInterruptionToken
Token that can be used to interrupt export operation
Public propertyLayers
Gets or sets a of layer names must be exported. All data will be exported without layers if names is not sets.
Public propertyPalette
Gets or sets the color palette.
Public propertyPc3File
Gets or sets the PC3 file full name.
Public propertyResolutionSettings
Gets or sets the resolution settings.
Public propertyRotation
Gets or sets the parameter for rotate, flip, or rotate and flip the image..
Public propertySource
Gets or sets the source to create image in.
Public propertyTimeout
Timeout value for export operation
Public propertyVectorRasterizationOptions
Gets or sets the vector rasterization options.
Public propertyXmpData
Gets or sets the XMP metadata container.
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Protected fieldxmpData
XMP metadata of image.
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