GaussWienerFilterOptions Properties

The GaussWienerFilterOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBrightness
Gets or sets the brightness. recommended range 1 - 1.5 default value = 1.15
(Inherited from DeconvolutionFilterOptions.)
Public propertyGrayscale
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this DeconvolutionFilterOptions is grayscale. Return grayscale mode or RGB mode.
(Inherited from DeconvolutionFilterOptions.)
Public propertyRadius
Gets or sets the radius.
Public propertySmooth
Gets or sets the smooth.
Public propertySnr
Gets or sets the SNR(signal-to-noise ratio) recommended range 0.002 - 0.009, default value = 0.007
(Inherited from DeconvolutionFilterOptions.)
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