Aspose.CAD.FileFormats.Tiff.TiffTagTypes Namespace

The namespace contains Tiff file format tag classes.
Public classTiffASCIIType
The tiff ascii type.
Public classTiffByteType
The tiff byte type.
Public classTiffCommonArrayType
The tiff common array type.
Public classTiffDoubleType
The tiff double type.
Public classTiffFloatType
The tiff float type.
Public classTiffIfdType
Represents the TIFF Exif image file directory type class.
Public classTiffLongType
The tiff long type.
Public classTiffRationalType
The tiff rational type.
Public classTiffSByteType
The tiff signed byte type.
Public classTiffShortType
The tiff short type.
Public classTiffSLongType
The tiff signed long type.
Public classTiffSRationalType
The tiff signed rational type.
Public classTiffSShortType
The tiff signed short type.
Public classTiffUndefinedType
The tiff undefined type.
Public classTiffUnknownType
The unknown tiff type. In case the tiff tag cannot be recognized this type is instantinated.