DwfWhipText Properties

The DwfWhipText type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBounds
Gets bounds
Public propertyColor
Gets or sets Color
(Inherited from DwfWhipDrawable.)
Public propertyFont
Gets or sets font
Public propertyIsMaterialized
Gets or sets value, that object is materialized
(Inherited from DwfWhipObject.)
Public propertyIsVisible
Gets or sets a value indicating whether object is visible.
(Inherited from DwfWhipDrawable.)
Public propertyLayerIndex
Gets or sets layer index
(Inherited from DwfWhipDrawable.)
Public propertyLineStyle
Gets or sets line style
(Inherited from DwfWhipDrawable.)
Public propertyLineWeight
Gets or sets line weight
(Inherited from DwfWhipDrawable.)
Public propertyMaxPoint
Gets the max point of object.
(Overrides DwfWhipDrawableMaxPoint.)
Public propertyMinPoint
Gets the min point of object.
(Overrides DwfWhipDrawableMinPoint.)
Public propertyOverscore
Gets overscore
Public propertyPosition
Gets Position
Public propertyReserved
Gets reversed
Public propertyText
Gets Text string
Public propertyTransformMatrix
Gets or sets transform matrix
(Inherited from DwfWhipDrawable.)
Public propertyUnderscore
Gets underscore
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