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Aspose.CAD Namespace

The namespace is the core for nested namespaces and the most basic objects used for Aspose.CAD processing.
Public classBuildVersionInfo
Contains the current build version information.
Public classCache
Contains cache settings.
Public classCifReplacingEncoderFallback
Encoder fallback that replaces out of codepage characters with CIF sequence
Public classCifReplacingEncoderFallbackBuffer
The replacing encoder fallback buffer that actually does the replacement work
Public classCodePagesConvertHelper
Code pages converting helper
Public classColorPaletteHelper
Helper class for color palettes manipulation.
Public classColorTranslator
Translates colors to and from GDI+ Color structures. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classDataStreamSupporter
The data stream container.
Public classDisposableObject
Represents disposable object.
Public classFileStreamContainer
Helper for file stream processing.
Public classImage
The image is the base class for all type of drawings.
Public classImageOptionsBase
The image base options.
Public classImageResizeSettings
Image resize settings class
Public classInterruptionToken
Token that can be used to interrupt long operation
Public classInterruptionTokenSource
Source that provides token used to interrupt long operations and triggers interruption. Must be disposed!
Public classIntRange
Class for representing sequence of elements
Public classCode exampleLicense
Provides methods to license the component.
Public classLoadOptions
Represents the loading options.
Public classMatrix
Replaces the GDI+ Matrix.
Public classCode exampleMetered
Provides methods to set metered key.
Public classMifCodePageDecoder
Helps determine MIF codepage
Public classNonGenericDictionary
Represents a non generic dictionary.
Public classNonGenericList
Non generic list of objects
Public classObjectWithBounds
The object having bounds.
Public classPixelDataFormat
The pixel data format.
Public classRasterCachedImage
Represents a raster image supporting raster graphics operations. This image caches pixel data when required.
Public classRasterImage
Represents a raster image supporting raster graphics operations.
Public classRawDataSettings
The raw data settings
Public classResolutionSetting
The resolution setting for image save options.
Public classSource
The source is used to contain all relevant information for an object pipe.
Public classStreamContainer
Represents stream container which contains the stream and provides stream processing routines.
Public classTransparencySupporter
The object supporting transparency.
Public structureCmykColor
The CMYK color of pixel.
Public structureColor
The color of the pixel.
Public structurePoint
Represents an ordered pair of integer x- and y-coordinates that defines a point in a two-dimensional plane.
Public structurePointF
Represents an ordered pair of floating-point x- and y-coordinates that defines a point in a two-dimensional plane.
Public structureRectangle
Stores a set of four integers that represent the location and size of a rectangle.
Public structureRectangleF
Stores a set of four floating-point numbers that represent the location and size of a rectangle.
Public structureSize
Represents size.
Public structureSizeF
Stores an ordered pair of floating-point numbers, typically the width and height of a rectangle.
Public interfaceIAdvancedBufferProcessor
The advanced buffer processor.
Public interfaceIBufferProcessor
The buffer processor.
Public interfaceIColorConverter
The color converter.
Public interfaceIColorPalette
The color palette interface.
Public interfaceIImageExporter
The image exporter. Can export data from internal Aspose.CAD format to a specified data format.
Public interfaceIIndexedColorConverter
The color converter for indexed image formats.
Public interfaceIObjectWithBounds
Represents an object with bounds.
Public interfaceIPartialArgb32PixelLoader
Conforms to the 32-bit ARGB pixels loaded partially.
Public interfaceIPartialPixelLoader
Conforms to the pixels loaded partially.
Public interfaceIPartialRawDataLoader
The partial data loader.
Public interfaceIPsdColorPalette
The pasd color palette
Public interfaceIRasterImageArgb32PixelLoader
The raster image 32-bit ARGB pixel loader.
Public interfaceIRasterImagePixelLoader
The raster image pixel loader.
Public interfaceIRasterImageRawDataLoader
The raster image raw data loader.
Public enumerationCacheType
Specifies the cache type to use.
Public enumerationCodePages
Available codepages
Public enumerationColorCompareMethod
Color comparison method to adjust to nearest neighbor
Public enumerationColorMatrixFlag
Specifies the types of images and colors that will be affected by the color and grayscale adjustment settings of an ImageAttributes.
Public enumerationColorQuantizationMethod
Colors quantization methods
Public enumerationCustomFontFolderOptions
Options for custom font folder specification.
Public enumerationDitheringMethod
Dithering method.
Public enumerationDitheringMethods
The dithering methods used to control color conversion.
Public enumerationFileFormat
One of supported CAD file formats.
Public enumerationFontStyle
Specifies style information applied to text.
Public enumerationImageFilterType
Image filters to use
Public enumerationInterpolationMode
The InterpolationMode enumeration specifies the algorithm that is used when images are scaled or rotated.
Public enumerationKnownColor
Specifies the known system colors.
Public enumerationMatrixOrder
Specifies the order for matrix transform operations.
Public enumerationMifCodePages
Code pages used in MIF symbols
Public enumerationPixelFormat
The pixel data format actual meaning.
Public enumerationResizeType
Specifies the resize type.
Public enumerationRotateFlipType
Specifies how much an image is rotated and the axis used to flip the image.
Public enumerationSeekOrigin
Provides the fields that represent reference points in StreamContainer for seeking.
Public enumerationSmoothingMode
Specifies whether smoothing (antialiasing) is applied to lines and curves and the edges of filled areas.
Public enumerationTextRenderingHint
Specifies the quality of text rendering.