Class DwfWhipEllipse

    • Constructor Detail

      • DwfWhipEllipse

        public DwfWhipEllipse()

        Initializes a new instance of the DwfWhipEllipse class

    • Method Detail

      • getMajor

        public double getMajor()

        Gets or sets Major axis radius.

      • getMinor

        public double getMinor()

        Gets or sets Minor axis radius.

      • getStart

        public double getStart()

        Gets or sets Start angle (in 360/65,536ths of a degree.)

      • getEnd

        public double getEnd()

        Gets or sets End angle (in 360/65,536ths of a degree.)

      • getRotation

        public double getRotation()

        Gets or sets Rotation angle (in 360/65,536ths of a degree.)

      • isTransformed

        public boolean isTransformed()

        Gets of sets is transformed