Class DgnRootElement

  • public class DgnRootElement
    extends DgnElement

    Represents root element of a DGN file

    • Constructor Detail

      • DgnRootElement

        public DgnRootElement(byte[] data)

        Initializes a new instance of the DgnRootElement class

        data - raw data
    • Method Detail

      • getIs3D

        public boolean getIs3D()

        Gets a value indicating whether the file is 3D model

      • getScale

        public double getScale()

        Gets global scale factor

      • getOriginPoint

        public DgnPoint getOriginPoint()

        Gets global origin point

      • getAxisLockAngel

        public double getAxisLockAngel()

        Gets axis lock angel

      • getAxisLockOrigin

        public double getAxisLockOrigin()

        Gets axis lock origin

      • getActiveCell

        public int getActiveCell()

        Gets active cell

      • getActivePatteringScale

        public double getActivePatteringScale()

        Gets active pattering scale

      • getActivePatteringCell

        public int getActivePatteringCell()

        Gets active pattering cell

      • getActivePatteringRowSpacing

        public int getActivePatteringRowSpacing()

        Gets active pattering row spacing

      • getActivePatteringAngle

        public double getActivePatteringAngle()

        Gets active pattering angle

      • getActivePatteringAngle2

        public double getActivePatteringAngle2()

        Gets second active pattering angle

      • getActivePatteringColumnSpacing

        public int getActivePatteringColumnSpacing()

        Gets active pattering column spacing

      • getActivePoint

        public int getActivePoint()

        Gets active point

      • getActiveLineTerminatorScale

        public double getActiveLineTerminatorScale()

        Gets active line terminator scale

      • getActiveLineTerminator

        public int getActiveLineTerminator()

        Gets active line terminator

      • getKeyPointSnapFlag

        public short getKeyPointSnapFlag()

        Gets key point snap flag

      • getKeyPointSnapDivisor

        public short getKeyPointSnapDivisor()

        Gets key point snap divisor

      • getUnitType

        public int getUnitType()

        Gets or sets unit type of design file

      • getSubUnitType

        public int getSubUnitType()

        Gets or sets sub-unit type of design file