Class CFF2OutputDescribing

    • Constructor Detail

      • CFF2OutputDescribing

        public CFF2OutputDescribing()

        The CFF2OutputDescribing initializer

    • Method Detail

      • getFontSize

        public final float getFontSize()

        The font size

      • setFontSize

        public final void setFontSize(float value)

        The font size

      • getFontName

        public final String getFontName()

        The font name

      • setFontName

        public final void setFontName(String value)

        The font name

      • getAngle

        public final float getAngle()

        The angle

      • setAngle

        public final void setAngle(float value)

        The angle

      • getColor

        public final getColor()

        The text color

      • setColor

        public final void setColor( value)

        The text color