Class CFF2InstructionCodes

  • java.lang.Object
        • com.aspose.cad.fileformats.cff2.CFF2InstructionCodes

  • public final class CFF2InstructionCodes

    CFF2 instruction codes

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    • Field Detail

      • AlongDirPaperFibers

        public static final int AlongDirPaperFibers

        Along direction of the paper fibers

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        Constant Field Values
      • CrossDirectionOfPaperFibers

        public static final int CrossDirectionOfPaperFibers

        Cross the direction of paper fibers

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        Constant Field Values
      • PeripheralCutting

        public static final int PeripheralCutting

        Peripheral cutting

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        Constant Field Values
      • ExpandingChamfer

        public static final int ExpandingChamfer

        Expanding chamfer

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        Constant Field Values