Class CFF2Image

    • Constructor Detail

      • CFF2Image

        public CFF2Image()

        Initializes a new instance of the CFF2Image class

    • Method Detail

      • isCached

        public boolean isCached()

        Gets is image cached

        Specified by:
        isCached in class com.aspose.cad.DataStreamSupporter
      • getMaxPoint

        public final Cad3DPoint getMaxPoint()

        Gets the max point.

      • getMinPoint

        public final Cad3DPoint getMinPoint()

        Gets the min point.

      • getOrderSecton

        public final CFF2Order getOrderSecton()

        Gets the order secton.

        The order section.
      • getAuxSecton

        public final CFF2Aux getAuxSecton()

        Gets the aux secton.

        The aux section.
      • getMainSecton

        public final CFF2Main getMainSecton()

        Gets the main secton.

        The main section.
      • getSubSectons

        public final List<CFF2Sub> getSubSectons()

        Gets the sub sectons.

        The sub sections.
      • getLineTypeColors

        public final<Integer,> getLineTypeColors()

        Colors of the line types.

        The colors of the line types.
      • getOrderOutputDescribing

        public final CFF2OrderOutputDescribing getOrderOutputDescribing()

        Description of the order section output

      • setOrderOutputDescribing

        public final void setOrderOutputDescribing(CFF2OrderOutputDescribing value)

        Description of the order section output

      • getLinesOutputDescribing

        public final CFF2LinesOutputDescribing getLinesOutputDescribing()

        Description of the line types output

      • setLinesOutputDescribing

        public final void setLinesOutputDescribing(CFF2LinesOutputDescribing value)

        Description of the line types output

      • loadMessageFile

        public final void loadMessageFile(String filePath)

        Loads a message file from the specified path.

        filePath - The file path of the message file.
      • loadMessageFile

        public final void loadMessageFile(InputStream stream)

        Loads a message file from the specified stream.

        stream - The stream of the message file.
      • cacheData

        public void cacheData()

        Caches data

        Specified by:
        cacheData in class com.aspose.cad.DataStreamSupporter
      • updateSize

        public final void updateSize()

        Update size